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Dan Wilson


Dan Wilson is an award-winning veteran broadcaster whose career spans 40 years in Radio & Television. He is the owner of Wilson 1 Communications since 1991 and is both the Co-Host and Producer of the nationally recognized television show “In Ohio Country Today” which first aired in July, 2005 and the "In Ohio Country Today" Radio Program & Podcast that both complement the feature stores seen on our t.v. program. The t.v. show airs on numerous stations and broadcasts weekly throughout Ohio and parts of Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, West Virginia and Pennsylvania and seen nationally via our social media, website, YouTube Channel and great vehicles like Farm & Ranch T.V.

Alan Davis


Alan Davis is an award winning insurance agent and a lifelong resident of Auglaize County - a business owner for nearly 40 years and still an active family farmer he is co-host of the television show with appearances on the radio program and podcast. He has a unique understanding of risk management and total farm protection through his business Alan Davis Insurance Agency with clients at every level of agriculture throughout Ohio and brings that both personal and professional knowledge to the show.

Gary Jackson


Gary Jackson is co-host of the t.v. show recognized and a distinguished farm broadcaster for nearly 50 years. His broadcast background includes years in radio and nearly nearly 20 in t.v. - His understanding of agriculture in Ohio includes career relationships with farmers, farming families and agribusinesses throughout the Buckeye State.

Stacey Stangel - Central State University

This segment featuring co-host Alan Davis with Stacey Stangel, Consumer Science Educator at Central State University.

Marc Amante - Central State University

This segment featuring co-host Gary Jackson with Marc Amante from Central State University to discuss growing backyard mushrooms.

104th Annual Ohio Farm Bureau Meeting

This episode featuring stories for the 104th Annual Ohio Farm Bureau meeting in Columbus, Ohio.


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