H2Ohio’s incentive program for agriculture producers


The Ohio Farm Bureau wants landowners to have the information they need to manage their property. Farm Bureau staff experts have put together the landowner tool kit with information on oil and gas leasing, property tax issues, wildlife management and conservation matter, AG districts and private property rights. For more details log on to Ohio Landowner Toolkit – Ohio Farm Bureau (ofbf.org) 

Running a farm is stressful. That’s why there is a new alliance to focus on mental health in agriculture to allow Ohio’s farmers, families and communities to be better equipped to deal with stress. The new Ohio Agricultural Mental Health Alliance (OAMHA). a new, anonymous survey to seek feedback directly from rural communities. The results will be used to to determine where resources are needed and get support to communities in need. To find out more log on to  
The H2Ohio’s incentive program for agriculture producers expanding statewide. That’s according to an announcement from Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) Director Brian Baldridge. The program had previously only been available to farmers in the Western Lake Erie Basin. Now producers anywhere in the state will be eligible to participate in H2Ohio beginning in 2024. For more information visit h2.ohio.gov.  

The USDA will begin providing additional, automatic financial assistance for qualifying guaranteed Farm Loan Programs (FLP) borrowers facing financial risk. It is part of the $3.1 billion effort to help certain distressed farm loan borrowers that was provided through the Inflation Reduction Act. Borrowers can submit requests for extraordinary measures by using the farmers.gov All requests for assistance must be received by Dec. 31, 2023