U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown has introduced a new bill


U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown has introduced a new bill would require U.S. Department of Agriculture to partner with growers, distributors, and food hubs to provide fresh, U.S.-grown fruits and vegetables to community organizations like schools, local food pantries, and youth organizations. The Fresh Produce Procurement Reform Act would also Strengthen access to a wide variety of U.S.-grown fresh fruits and vegetables to recipients in need by including at least seven types of  fruits in vegetables to vulnerable communities living in poverty.  

The Ohio Farm Bureau has put out an Action Alert to members as some Ohioans have seen CAUV valuation increases on their property of more than 100% coming in 2024. By participating you could help provide lawmakers with the information they need to secure support for a short term solution to the sharp increases in Ohio’s property taxes. To get more information log on to  FarmVotesMatter.org and click on the “Take Action” tab.