7th annual AG toy drive in Wayne County


Sparking the imagination of the next generation, that is just one of the goals of the 7th annual AG toy drive in Wayne County. The event was a collaborative effort between the Ashland, Medina and Wayne County Farm Bureaus and was held at Lincoln Way Vineyards. Farm-themed toys were donated and as part of the evening’s activities there were photos with Santa and live reindeer.  

Sara Tallmadge Chair of the AG Toy Drive committee says getting everyone involved also spreads awareness about all the facets of the industry. Meanwhie Olivia Lang co-chair says you never know what some of the kids in the community are going through and giving them an ag toy could impact their interest in farming. 

Ohio Farm Bureau President Bill Patterson says events like the toy drive are a great way to introduce families to the farming community and all the Farm Bureau does for Ohioans. 

Even Santa himself says farmers and the ag community play a huge role in helping him throughout the year after all he couldn’t have milk and cookies and carrots for the reindeer without the work of farmers.