Ohio House Of Representatives Member Directory


Dontavius L. Jarrells

District 1   D

Latyna M. Humphrey

District 2   D

Ismail Mohamed

District 3   D

Mary Lightbody

District 4   D

Richard D. Brown

District 5   D

Adam C. Miller

District 6   D

C. Allison Russo

District 7   D

Beth Liston

District 8   D

Munira Abdullahi

District 9   D

Dave Dobos

District 10   R

Anita Somani

District 11   D

Brian Stewart

District 12   R

Michael J. Skindell

District 13   D

Sean P. Brennan

District 14   D

Richard Dell’Aquila

District 15   D

Bride Rose Sweeney

District 16   D

Thomas F. Patton

District 17   R

Darnell T. Brewer

District 18   D

Phillip M. Robinson, Jr.

District 19   D

Terrence Upchurch

District 20   D

Elliot Forhan

District 21   D

Juanita O. Brent

District 22   D

Daniel P. Troy

District 23   D

Dani Isaacsohn

District 24   D

Cecil Thomas

District 25   D

Sedrick Denson

District 26   D

Rachel B. Baker

District 27   D

Jessica E. Miranda

District 28   D

Cindy Abrams

District 29   R

Bill Seitz

District 30   R

Bill Roemer

District 31   R


District 32

Tavia Galonski

District 33   D

Casey Weinstein

District 34   D

Steve Demetriou

District 35   R

Andrea White

District 36   R

Tom Young

District 37   R

Willis E. Blackshear, Jr.

District 38   D

Phil Plummer

District 39   R

Rodney Creech

District 40   R

Josh Williams

District 41   R

Derek Merrin

District 42   R

Michele Grim

District 43   D

Elgin Rogers, Jr.

District 44   D

Jennifer Gross

District 45   R

Thomas Hall

District 46   R

Sara P. Carruthers

District 47   R

Scott Oelslager

District 48   R

Jim Thomas

District 49   R

Reggie Stoltzfus

District 50   R

Brett Hudson Hillyer

District 51   R

Gayle Manning

District 52   R

Joseph A. Miller, III

District 53   D

Dick Stein

District 54   R

P. Scott Lipps

District 55   R

Adam Mathews

District 56   R

Jamie Callender

District 57   R

Al Cutrona

District 58   R

Lauren McNally

District 59   D

Brian Lorenz

District 60   R

Beth Lear

District 61   R

Jean Schmidt

District 62   R

Adam C. Bird

District 63   R

Nick Santucci

District 64   R

Mike Loychik

District 65   R

Sharon A. Ray

District 66   R

Melanie Miller

District 67   R

Thaddeus J. Claggett

District 68   R

Kevin D. Miller

District 69   R

Brian E. Lampton

District 70   R

Bill Dean

District 71   R

Gail K. Pavliga

District 72   R

Jeff LaRe

District 73   R

Bernard Willis

District 74   R

Haraz N. Ghanbari

District 75   R

Marilyn S. John

District 76   R

Scott Wiggam

District 77   R

Susan Manchester

District 78   R

Monica Robb Blasdel

District 79   R

Jena Powell

District 80   R

James M. Hoops

District 81   R

Roy Klopfenstein

District 82   R

Jon Cross

District 83   R

Angela N. King

District 84   R

Tim Barhorst

District 85   R

Tracy M. Richardson

District 86   R

Riordan T. McClain

District 87   R

Gary Click

District 88   R

D. J. Swearingen

District 89   R

Justin Pizzulli

District 90   R

Bob Peterson

District 91   R

Mark Johnson

District 92   R

Jason Stephens

District 93   R

Jay Edwards

District 94   R

Don Jones

District 95   R

Ron Ferguson

District 96   R

Adam Holmes

District 97   R

Darrell Kick

District 98   R

Sarah Fowler Arthur

District 99   R

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