President Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address & Farmers


During President Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address he only mentioned farmers briefly. Ohio’s 7th District Congressman Max Miller provides his reaction. “Farmers and ranchers are extremely important to this country. You know when we say food security is national security we tend to mean it. Some of our colleagues don’t though and they think we can just extend the Farm Bill as we have to continuously work on the farm safety net, crop insurance and even cover some specialty crops that we have in our district.” Miller says the bill needs to be addressed and not just extended. He says real Ohioans are struggling when they go to the grocery store and when they are at the gas pumps and he doesn’t feel those concerns were adequately addressed. Miller says the doubling of the agriculture trade deficit was not discussed and he feels trade needs to be more of a priority. 

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Miller ran unopposed as the Republican nominee in the March 19th primary election. Democratic nominee Matt Diemer also won in the primary election to run for the 7th District seat. Dennis Kucinich received enough signatures to file a petition to run as an independent for the 7th District race. Miller won the 7th District Congressional seat against Diemer in 2022. Miller, Diemer and Kucinich will face off for the seat in the November general election.