What is the Food and Agriculture Sector’s Impact in Your Community?


The 2024 Feeding the Economy report clearly demonstrates that America’s food and agriculture sector is a thriving, integral component of the U.S. economy with economic output growing by more than a trillion dollars since the 2023 report. These industries directly support nearly 24 million jobs (over 15% of U.S. employment) and are responsible for more than $9.6 trillion of the country’s economic activity – that’s 20% of total U.S. output.

It begins in the rich soil of America’s farms and ranches – nearly two million of them – spread across the heartland and stretching to the coasts, covering two out of every five American acres.

Meanwhile, millions of food scientists, production workers, logistics experts, truck drivers, and engineers work in more than 200,000 food manufacturing, processing, and storage facilities to keep our food supply chains strong and fresh, safe food readily available worldwide.

The journey may continue at one of the nation’s more than one million restaurant and foodservice locations or an item might make its way from one of approximately 200,000 retail food stores to American homes or gatherings where people enjoy the nation’s bounty.

The story doesn’t stop there! Economic benefits continue as workers in the food and agriculture industries spend their income, helping support local economies, particularly in rural America.

2024 Feeding the Economy Study Highlights

48,665,609 Jobs

$2.8 T Wages

$1.3 T Taxes

$181.4 B Exports

$9.6 T Output


Use the map and buttons below to find data specific to your state or congressional district. Top-level data is highlighted below, or you can download a full report. Please note, congressional district boundaries are based on 2023 maps.

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