Groundbreaking ceremony for the Louis Dreyfus Company soybean processing facility


Ohio Governor Mike DeWine along with several state and local officials recently participated in a groundbreaking ceremony for the Louis Dreyfus Company soybean processing facility in Upper Sandusky. He says the new facility will save farmers money and time. “I’ve worked with farmers my whole life from the time I was a kid shoveling out trucks and what farmers don’t want to do is wait. I am telling you when it is harvest time they want to move. And so, what they can’t have is a place where they have to drive a long distance, they don’t want that. And they don’t want to wait whenever they get to where they are going. So the commitment that has been made by Louis Dreyfus Company here is they are not going to have to wait. I am anxious to come up here in a couple years during harvest and watch that process take place.”  

The facility is being touted as one of the biggest agricultural investments in Ohio’s history. Soybeans are Ohio’s top exported product and there are 26,000 soybean farmers in the state. The new facility means 100 new jobs and is a $500 million investment. The overall economic impact of soybean production now in Ohio is about $5.3 million.  

2026 is the projected completion day for the facility. Once finished the soybeans processed will be made into soybean oil and meal to be used in a variety of products. It is expected that the facility will process about 83% of Ohio’s soybeans.  

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